PBA-4 (P-Bass DIY kit by Pitbull Guitars)

OK,  so I really really wanted a new bass guitar.
I really needed it to be a P-Bass, and  I also wanted to take part in the creation process.

I’ve  built  a 5 string bass from scratch once… (check out the pictures below).
It was very rewarding when I heard its first notes, but since than I had my shed ransacked and lots of my equipment got stolen, so I had to figure out a way to make it happen without buying new power tools, and I found out about the DIY kits – there are plenty of them online.

The reason I chose the Pitbull PBA-4 kit was the body made of Ash and not Basswood as the majority of similar kits I found.
Call me old-fashioned but in my opinion Ash gives you a little bit more detail than Basswood.
(although I heard some pretty amazing guitars made of Basswood – maybe I’ll choose it for my next kit 🙂 )

Anyway – I’m waiting for PitBull guitars (no affiliation BTW ) to ship my kit, so until it arrives I will have to consider the finish I’ll give it and the pickups I should purchase to replace the stock kit PUPs (probably I’ll wait with it until I hear how it sounds right out of the box before making a decision).

Stay tuned – i will post some videos as I’ll go along.